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jun 24, 2020 13:53


Textile sorting project Siptex nominated for fashion sustainability award

Nyhetsbild: Textile sorting project Siptex nominated for fashion sustainability award

The Siptex textile sorting project is nominated for the Sustainability Award Encouragement for Action - instituted by the Stockholm Fashion District. All finalists act towards a more sustainable fashion industry -  Siptex is nominated in the fashion tech category.

Encouragement for Action was established in 2018 by the Stockholm Fashion District and is an initiative aimed at encouraging companies to continue on the path to a more sustainable fashion industry. This year's edition gives 16 companies in the fashion industry the opportunity to spread their message and sustainability philosophy in a wider context. The winners will be presented in Stockholm on August 10 in connection with Fashion Week Trade.
- This nomination for Siptex is a great honor, says Peter Engström, CEO of Sysav. We are proud to introduce a whole new step in the textile value chain.

Nomination in the fashion tech category
Siptex is nominated in the fashion tech category, as defined by the Stockholm Fashion District:
“Digital and technological advances that have led to or in the near future will lead to a positive sustainable change. We encourage those who have found new solutions and linked fashion with new technology. Tech stands for development and the importance of daring to be visionary and prepare the way for others. ”

The world's first large-scale automatic sorting plant
The Siptex plant uses near-infrared and visual spectroscopy to sort mixed textile waste according to market needs for fiber composition and color. The products can then move on to fiber-to-fiber recycling and spin to new thread.

Sysav is building the facility which in full operation has the capacity to sort 24,000 tonnes of textile. The project is also funded by Vinnova through the Challenge-driven Innovation project, to develop innovative solutions that help achieve the sustainability goals of Agenda 2030.

- Siptex creates the conditions for increased fiber-to-fiber recycling and contributes to Sweden's position as a pioneering country in the circular economy, says Peter Engström. The market for recycling products is in its infancy, while many brands and textile manufacturers have set goals for increased use of recycled textile fibers. Siptex becomes the link that is currently missing between collected textiles and high-quality recycling.

About Siptex
SIPTex, the Swedish Innovation Platform for Textile Sorting, is funded by Vinnova and is a step 3 project within the Challenge-driven innovation program. It is led by the IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and is implemented together with a broad consortium consisting of research institutes, authorities and actors from different parts of the value chain for textiles; Boer Group, ECO TLC, Gina Tricot, H&M, Human Bridge, ICA, IKEA, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, KappAhl, KEMI, Cycle and Water, Malmö City, Myrorna, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Re: newcell, Red Cross, Stadium, Stockholm Water and Waste , Sysav and VTT


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