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Textile waste for sorting

As a supplier to Sysav, your company becomes part of a circular value chain, and contributes to a more sustainable textile and fashion industry.

Sysav handles textiles depending on composition and quantity
If your company can deliver textile waste of the type and in the volumes we request, fill in the form and send it to us. We will contact you for a further discussion about what a collaboration with Sysav could look like. 

Specification of material 

For the sorting to function, all material must be clean and dry.

  • Max dimensions 2 x 2 meters
  • Minimum dimensions 0.2 x 0.2 meters

The material must NOT contain:

  • Damp or dirty material
  • Bags, plastic packaging or other type of packaging
  • Products of several different layers and textile materials, such as Gore-Tex, shell jackets, lined garments and jackets
  • Garments / textiles with a print that in total per article exceeds 100 cm2
  • Balls of yarn or longer objects that are rolled up
  • Upholstered material, such as pillows, down comforters and down jackets
  • Spring sheets
  • Clothes wholly or partly of leather / imitation leather
  • Shoes, belts, bags, accessories, toys or similar
  • Carpets or curtains
  • Textile materials that are contaminated by paint, oil or other contaminants
  • Flame retardant treated material
  • Pieces of textile that are assembled or packed together, eg textiles in laundry bags

If the material contains more than 10 items (from the list above) per 2000 kg, all material will be reclassified.

Material that is obviously incorrect can be rejected without the material being unloaded.


  • Max: No dimension must be over 2.0 m.
  • Min: No dimension must be below 0.2 m.

Examples of application:

  • Larger sheets that in any longitudinal direction exceed 2.0 m are not suitable, even if one may be less than 2.0 m.
  • Socks and ties usually have a dimension of less than 0.2 m and are thus not suitable.

Delivery requirements

  • Loose in container (must be able to be tipped at the designated place)
  • Loose in 1 cubic meter bigbag, not wrapped or placed in another load carrier (bigbags can, however, be on a pallet upon delivery)
  • Baled, without plastic packaging or protective film, in whole or in part
  • When delivered by truck, baled material must be loaded on a truck that can be opened on both long sides. If the baled material is on a pallet, it is sufficient that the truck can be opened on one long side.