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Interactive safety training for contractors

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All contractors carrying out work at Sysav are required to follow Sysav´s workplace rules.

In order to be certified and to gain access to Sysav's plants and sites, you need to have successfully completed the training for Sysav's common workplace rules. This training applies to everyone and it is a basic training and the first step to being certified.

You also need to complete and pass the relevant training for the workplace or site you will be working at.

Follow these steps

  1. You register at https://sysav.luvit.se/utbildning by filling in name, date of birth, e-mail and password, then select your company from the drop-down list.
  2. After registration you will have access to all Sysav’s trainings for contractors.
  3. Start with the training for Sysav's common workplace rules.
  4. You must then complete the training specific to the workplace where you will carry out your work. If you will be working at Våghuset (the weighing station) or Site Kävlinge, there are site-specific rules and a checklist on site. 

About the training

The training is personalized and must be completed before your arrival at Sysav. An internet connection in conjunction with a modern web browser (Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 10, Safari 6 or newer) is needed. The training also works on tablets and smartphones.


Verification of approved education is done on arrival at the plant/site or by sampling. You do not need to have your certificate with you, the check is done digitally.

In some cases, for example, when the training is done directly in connection with access, there may be some delay in the transfer of information, and in these cases you can instead display your certificate directly from the education portal (you will find them under the personal tab).

If the training has not been approved, you are not allowed to enter the Sysav grounds.

Questions about the training

Please send email to kundservice@sysav.se