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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how Sysav collects and uses your personal data.

It also describes your rights towards us and how you can enforce your rights. The purpose of the processing of your personal data may differ somewhat depending on whether you are, for example, a customer of Sysav or if you wish to obtain information from Sysav or book a visit to us.

We make sure to protect your personal data and that the processing complies with both applicable data protection rules and our internal guidelines. We have also appointed a data protection officer to review compliance with these rules.
You can always contact us for questions regarding privacy and data protection by contacting Sysav's customer service or Sysav's Data Protection Officer.

Processing of personal data within Sysav

Sysav receives, recycles and processes waste from households from Sysav's fourteen owner municipalities. Through Sysav Industri AB, waste from companies as well as other regions and countries is also handled. Sysav Utveckling AB is the Sysav Group's development company. The company runs projects to find new and improve existing methods and techniques in order to develop waste management. If you have a relationship with any company within the Sysav Group, we may need to process your personal data.

Main situations when Sysav processes personal data

  •  Sysav handles the collection of household waste on behalf of Lomma, Svedala and Kävlinge municipalities. If you live in one of these municipalities, Sysav will process your personal data in the execution and administration of these waste services.
  • When you leave household or operational waste at one of Sysav's recycling centres, Sysav handles your personal data to facilitate invoicing of corporate customers, counteract threats and violence against Sysav's staff, prevent abuse of recycling centres and for collecting statistics.
  • If you wish to get in touch with companies within the Sysav Group via Sysav's web form, the relevant company will process your data in order to administer your request.
  • When you use Sysav's My Pages, Sysav will process your personal data to administer your account.
  • If you wish to book a study visit or visit of a school class, Sysav will process your personal data to administer your request. 
  • If you wish to subscribe to Sysav's newsletter, Sysav will process your personal data to administer your notification.
  •  If you wish to receive information from Sysav, Sysav will process your personal data to administer information mailings. 
  • If you represent one of our corporate customers, the relevant company within the Sysav Group will process your personal data in order to, for example, get in touch with you or to handle a request from you. 
  • If you represent a supplier, your personal data will be processed by the relevant company within the Sysav Group in order to contact you, for example.
  • If you apply for a job at Sysav, Sysav will process the data you provide, such as a CV and cover letter, to manage the recruitment process. 
  •  If you apply for the Sysav scholarship or apply to write your degree project at Sysav, Sysav will process your personal data you provide in the application to get in touch with you. 

Where do we collect personal data


Sysav collects the personal data you provide to us when you order one of our services, for example, when you contact us, when you participate in our events, seminars, competitions or customer surveys. Sysav also collects personal data you provide to us in order for us to handle your household waste subscription for you who residein Lomma, Svedala or Kävlinge municipality. We will also collect personal data that you, as a representative of one of our corporate customers or as a representative of one of our suppliers, provide to us, we will collect in order to get in touch with you, 

From other

In order to keep your personal data correct or to be able to receive credit information about you in certain situations, we may need to collect additional information about you, such as social security number or address, from private and public registers such as the Land Registry, Syna, Bisnode or UC.
For those who live in Lomma, Svedala or Kävlinge municipality, Sysav can receive your personal data from each municipality regarding three processings. These are:

  • Application for extended emptying interval
  • Application for a break in emptying
  • Sludge emptying 

Changes to this privacy policy

Updates to this information text may take place, e.g. if we would process your data for new purposes or collect additional personal data than is stated in this policy. In such cases, you will receive information about this. The latest version of information regarding Sysav's personal data management is always published on Sysav.se.

How do we  use your personal data?

Where we process your personal data and for what purposes.

Where do we process your personal data? 

In some cases, Sysav's suppliers process your personal data on behalf of Sysav. We ensure that there are personal data processing agreements between Sysav and our suppliers so that they process the data in the same secure way as we do. Our goal is to process all personal data within the EU/EEA area. In the event that a data processor has, or uses cloud services, with databases in third countries, the data processor must ensure that there are sufficient guarantees to protect the rights of data subjects. However, it is always Sysav that is ultimately responsible for all personal data management that takes place on behalf of Sysav.  

The purpose of the processing of your personal data

Manage business customers 

Sysav processes your data if you are a deputy or contact person for a business customer to manage the relationship with the business customer.

Manage requests

Sysav processes your personal data to administer your questions, e.g. to communicate with you, investigate complaints and to log the request.

Managing applications

Sysav will process your personal data to administer various applications such as your application for the Sysav scholarship, your application to carry out a degree project at Sysav and the application for advertised position at Sysav.

Manage household waste collection services

Sysav processes your personal data in order to administer the services resulting from Sysav's assignment to handle the collection of household waste for Lomma, Svedala and Kävlinge municipalities. The assignment includes managing the emptying of vessels, billing subscribers, managing customer service and having contact with the contractors who carry out the actual waste management on behalf of Sysav. Personal data is also processed to follow up and control the services that Sysav performs on behalf of the municipalities.

Manage collection of household and operational waste at recycling centres

Sysav processes your personal data to prevent threats and violence against Sysav's staff, prevent misuse of our recycling centres, collect statistics and to facilitate the invoicing of corporate customers.

Conduct of events and competitions

Sysav processes your personal data in order to conduct competitions and events that you participate in, e.g. to register your registration/participation and in some cases publish your data in different digital channels.

Manage newsletters and information mailings

Sysav processes your personal data in order to provide you with newsletters and information mailings that you have agreed to receive from Sysav.

Handle complaints

In case of complaints, Sysav will process your personal data in order to handle the complaint, e.g. to register the complaint case and to communicate with any supplier Sysav hired to perform the service.

Dealing with injury incidents

Sysav processes your personal data to handle a claim, e.g. to make a complaint to insurance companies.

CCTV to prevent, detect or investigate crimes

To prevent, uncover and investigate crimes, Sysav's recycling centres have night-time CCTV. 

CCTV to investigate accident incidents

In order to investigate accidents caused by vehicles and suppliers at Sysav's combustion plant and Sysav's plant at Spillepeng, Sysav has CCTV recording the vehicle registration number and/or company logo.

Managing and responding to legal obligations

Sysav processes your personal data to handle, investigate and respond to legal requirements, e.g. in case of dispute, legal process or debt collection cases. 

Comply with legal obligations

Sysav must process your personal data in order to comply with legal requirements, such as accounting and accounting requirements or requirements under the Environmental Code. 

Management, protection and development of our systems and services 

Sysav may use your data to manage, protect and develop our systems and services, e.g. to troubleshoot, log, develop and improve our systems and services.

Follow-up and evaluation 

Sysav may process your personal data in order to produce sales statistics and produce reports and statistics on customer service matters in order to, for example, evaluate and improve the business. Sysav may also process your personal data to improve our services, websites, IT systems, security and the way we communicate with you.

How long we keep your personal data

We keep your personal data for as long as necessary for the purposes of the processing and as set out in this policy. The personal data will only be used to meet the purpose of the processing and/or to fulfill legal requirements or requirements from authorities. After that, we will safely delete your personal data. The same personal data may be kept with us for different purposes in different systems. This means that we may delete your personal data in a system because the data is no longer needed for the specified purpose while it still needs to be processed for the purpose of another processing.

Social medier 

Our websites may contain links linked to various social media sites, which have their own personal data policies. You are asked to carefully review their personal data policies as we cannot take any responsibility for these functions and their handling of personal data.

Your rights

Here you will find information about your rights.

You have the right to receive a register extract with your personal data. If you believe that an information about you is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to request that the information be corrected or supplemented.

In cases where we have asked for your consent to use your personal data, you have the right to change your mind at any time and withdraw your consent for further processing. Contact customer service if you wish to withdraw your consent.

You have the right to refrain from advertising and communication mailings at any time, both digital and in paper format. You can unsubscribe by clicking on a link in the digital mailing or contacting customer service.

For some processing, we have made the assessment that our need for us to process your personal data is so strong that we have a so-called legitimate interest. You have the right to oppose this assessment.

If it turns out in a balance of interests that our legitimate reasons for the processing in question outweigh your privacy interest, we may continue to process your personal data, even though you have objected to the processing. If we are unable to demonstrate this, we will stop processing your personal data.
Under certain circumstances, you may have the right to have your data deleted. For example, these may be cases where there is no longer any need to process the personal data or if you have renounced direct mail. However, in cases where we need the data in order to, for example, fulfil a contract with you or if there are legal requirements for us to keep the personal data, we cannot delete it.
You also have the right to request that the processing of your personal data be restricted if, for example, you object to our legitimate interest in carrying out a processing. However, this may mean that during the time the processing is restricted, we are unable to perform our possible obligations to you.
You have the right to have the personal data that you have given us moved (data portal). Such information may be, for example, if you provided your e-mail address in connection with registration for a mailing. In other words, only certain data are covered by data portal. To see what this data is, you have the right to receive a copy of the personal data you have provided to us in a structured, machine-readable format.

You can read more about the General Data Protection Regulation and what rights you have on the Swedish Data Protection Authority's website.


You can contact us if you have questions or are dissatisfied with how we handle your personal data. Please submit your complaints in writing to Sysav's Data Protection Officer, e-mail address: dataskyddsombud@sysav.se or at the following address: Sysav, Att: Data Protection Officer, Box 503 44, 202 13 Malmö, Sweden.

We strive to resolve any complaints, but if you are not satisfied with how we handle your case, you can contact the supervisory authority with your complaints to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, www.imy.se.

What is personal data?

Any kind of information that can be directly or indirectly derived from a natural person is a personal data. Images (photos) and audio recordings of individuals or that can be indirectly derived from an individual, e.g. photo on license plate can also be personal data even if no names are mentioned. Encrypted data and various types of electronic identities, such as IP numbers, are counted as personal data if they can be linked to natural persons.