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The transformation starts at Sysav's waste sites

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From waste to raw material - the waste that Sysav receives is processed in one of several ways. Sysav provides sorting, recycling, storage, composting and, as a last resort,  landfilling. These activities take place at our waste sites, located in various parts of southern Scania (Skåne).

A variety of operations go on at the waste sites, for example composting, sorting of bulky waste, chipping of wood, recovery of metals, landfilling et cetera.

The sites were initially designed for landfilling solely, or, in other words, for definitive storage deep down in the ground. At present only a small fraction of waste is landfilled.

Sysav also has other facilities for managing household and commercial waste in the south of Scania.
A combination of methods is used to ensure that the waste is kept and used as a resource in the most eco-friendly way possible. Reuse, various forms of recycling, biological treatment and waste combustion with energy recovery are some examples.

Management of hazardous waste

In Malmö Sysav has a special facility for receiving, sorting and interim storage of hazardous waste originating both from households and businesses.

Sysav has a unique system, Lots, for safe transport and storage of hazardous waste.s. Secure handling of hazardous waste requires expertise and care. The waste received is sorted, thoroughly analysed and thereafter treateded in the most environmental-friendly way possible.

Sysav has associated companies and partners for recycling, incinerating and safe, definitive storage of hazardous waste.