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The Sysav Concept

Sysav consider waste to be a resource that should, as far as possible, be reused and recycled.

Sysav applies an eco-cycle perspective and the operations are based on know-how and expertise, and combine several methods in order to treat each type of waste in the most environment-friendly and sustainable way possible.

Waste is a resource and should, as far as possible, be reused and recycled. Sysav strongly encourages waste sorting at the source. The waste is either reused, recycled into new materials or energy or biologically treated. Only a very small fraction is landfilled.

Sysav, Sydskånes avfallsaktiebolag, and its two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Sysav Industri AB and Sysav Utveckling AB, are owned by 14 municipalities in southern Skåne: Burlöv, Kävlinge, Lomma, Lund, Malmö, Simrishamn, Sjöbo, Skurup, Staffanstorp, Svedala, Tomelilla, Trelleborg, Vellinge and Ystad.

The parent company’s operations encompass the management and treatment of household waste collected in Sysav’s owner municipalities.

Sysav Industri AB handles industrial and commercial waste, as well as combustible household waste from municipalities and areas outside of Sysav’s owner municipalities.

Sysav Utveckling AB, Sysav Research & Development AB, finances and runs projects with the aim of developing and improving existing and new methods and technologies in the field of waste management.

The Sysav Group also includes three associated companies: ÅGAB Syd AB, KS Recycling AB and Carl F AB.

In 2017 the Sysav Group received 841,400 tons of waste in total.

Recycling and landfilling volumes

97,2 percent of the incoming waste was recycled as materials and as energy, leaving a mere 2,8 percent for landfilling.

  • During the year 59,900 tons of food waste was received from households, grocery stores, restaurants and caterers.

  • The food waste generated 47,100  tons of slurry, that transformed  into biogas is equivalent to 3.2 million litres of petrol.

  • 1,477,700 MWh of heating and 168,250 MWh of electricity were delivered to E-on and Nordpool, the Nordic electricity grid. All recovered energy was used; what was not sold was used in the Sysav Group's own facilities.

  • The waste-to-energy plant provides Malmö and Burlöv with 60 percent of their district heating need.

  • In 2017 43,4 tons of hazardous waste were received and treated by the Sysav Group.
  • The Group's sales amounted to MSEK 915
  • The profit before appropriations and taxes was MSEK 71.0
  • The parent company's sales amounted to MSEK 512.1

The recycling centres

The recycling centres had  2,111,800 visits, and 175,900 tons of waste was disposed of.


330 people are employed by the Sysav Group. 

Overall goal

Waste management that is sustainable in the long term, with the most extensive recovery of materials and energy possible and the least possible landfill.


Sysav contributes to creating the world’s most sustainable region, for the present and future generations alike.

Core values

Customer satisfaction through quality and service.