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Interactive safety training for contractors

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All contractors carrying out work at Sysav are required to undergo safety training. The purpose of the training is that knowledge of the safety procedures at Sysav are known.

Follow these steps

  1. To register to the training: Submit the first name, last name, email and company for the person who will carry out work at Sysav.
  2. Each registered person will receive an email with instructions and log-in information from the contact person at Sysav.

About the training

The training is personalized and must be completed before your arrival at Sysav. An internet connection in conjunction with a modern web browser (Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 10, Safari 6 or newer) is needed.


The guard at the entrance will check on your training result upon arrival at Sysav.

As the training is verified digitally, there is no need to bring any documents.

If the training has not been approved, you are not allowed to enter the Sysav grounds.

There is no possibility to do on-site training. Please get in touch with your contact person, should you have any queries.

Questions about the training

Please send email to: