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For suppliers

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Interactive safety training, map and traffic rules applicable to disposing of waste at Sysav’s facilities in Malmö.

A. Weighbrigde

1. Waste bunker

2. Waste site Spillepeng

3. Recycling centre for smaller businesses

4. Pre-treatment plant for food waste

For everyone´s safety

  • Follow signs and traffic regulations
  • Only tip waste in the bunker when green light shows
  • Only tip waste at the designated locations

If you are visiting Sysav for the first time, or if you have queries regarding your cargo or documents, park in the designated zone next to the weighbridge and consult the staff.

Questions prior to your visit? Please call Customer Service.

Safety training

All contractors carrying out work at Sysav are required to undergo safety training. The purpose of the training is that knowledge of the safety procedures at Sysav are known.