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At the recycling centre

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Do you have waste to dispose of? Welcome to our recycling centres. And welcome to our guide in three languages.

At the recycling centre, you can dispose of your bulky waste, your garden waste, and your hazardous waste free of charge. This service has already been paid for through the waste fee (renhållningstaxan).

Remember to bring someone with you to help carry heavy goods. The staff on site will be happy to help you with advice on how to sort your waste, but is not allowed to help with unloading and lifting due to legislative and insurance reasons.

Simplyfied Recycling Guide

Hazardous waste

Farligt avfall

Left-over paint, varnish, glue, oil, solvents, cleaning agents, class 3 pesticides, other chemicals and mercury thermometers are regarded as hazardous waste. 

Label the container or cover with its content.



Television sets, radios, computers, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, electrical toys, microwave ovens, car batteries, small batteries, fluorescent tubes, lightbulbs, and so on.

There are specific containers and collecting points for each type of waste.

Please contact the staff regarding back-up batteries and NiFe batteries.

White goods


Cookers, drying cupboards, tumble dryers, dishwashers and washing machines for domestic use.

Refrigerators and freezers

Kyl, frys

Please note that refrigerators and freezers contain CFCs and must be handled with care.

Furniture with springs


At some of our recycling centres furniture with coils and springs is sorted separately. Should this option not be available, please dispose of this furniture as non-recyclable waste.

Foam mattresses, pillows and stuffed furniture shall be disposed of in the container for combustible waste.



Painted and unpainted wood. 
Examples: Boards, crates, bookshelves, chipboard, hardboard and broken wooden furniture.
Screws, nails and fittings do not need to be removed.

Please contact the staff should you need to dispose of pressure-treated wood or railway sleepers.



Newspapers, magazines, direct mail, catalogues et cetera.

Please note
Paper with glue, plastic, wax or other impurities, self-sealing envelopes, window envelopes, carbon paper and books shall be disposed of in the container for combustible waste.



Empty and flattened cardboard boxes and cardboard packaging.



Painted plasterboards and sheets covered with wallpaper are also accepted.
Studs and tiles must be removed.

Garden waste


Twigs, branches, cuttings from trees and bushes, leaves, grass, moss and windfalls.

Soil, stone or stubs larger than 0,5 x 2,5 meters shall be disposed of at the area reserved for this.
Please dispose of empty sacks and pots in the containers provided for these materials.

Soil, stones, bricks, tiles and concrete

Jord, sten, tegel och betong

Sanitary ware, tiles, expanded clay, concrete blocks, plates, dishes, pots, urns, set cement and putty without packaging. Remember to empty sacks and boxes!

Scrap metal


Examples being bicycles, pram frames, bathtubs, sinks, and other items made of metal.

Non-recyclable waste

Ej återvinningsbart

Insulation and carpeting .
Furniture with springs shall be sorted as non-recyclable waste if no separate sorting option is available.

Combustible waste

Brännbart avfall

Examples: Smaller furniture, duvets, carpets, clothing and other textiles, foam rubber, plastic items, kitchen utensils, toys, sports equipment, window envelopes, self-sealing envelopes, plastic coated or waxed paper, wallpaper, painted masking tape et cetera.

Waste not accepted at the recycling center

Waste not accepteddo this instead
Household waste and food waste
 Put it in the bin at your house. For larger quantities please contact your local municipality.
Large quantities of asbestos and asbestos cement sheeting  Call Sysav Customer Service: 040-635 18 00 
Cars and car parts  Contact a car scrapping firm
Car tyres Contact a car tyre firm
Gas bottles, diving tubes, etc Take to retailer/place of purchase
Fireworks, explosives and ammunition Contact the police: 114 14
Medications, syringes Leave at a pharmacy
Hazardous Waste from businesses Leave at Sysav's facilities for Hazardous Waste in Malmö or in St Olof.

Specific information for businesses

Businesses may, for a fee, deposit small quantities of bulky waste at the recycling centre. Payment is made using coupons that can be ordered in booklets with ten coupons in each (see below). In case of one-off visits, it is possible to pay with credit card at the recycling centre, but at a larger fee. 

The rules and instructions that apply to households also apply to businesses. However, there are certain restrictions.

Elavfall / Electrical waste is accepted by KS Recycling at Bjurögatan 20 in Malmö, Hedeskoga waste facility in Ystad or Måsalycke Waste Facility in Sankt Olof. A fee will be charged for Electrical waste not covered by producer's liability.

Farligt avfall / Hazardous waste, e.g. white goods such as fridges and freezers, from businesses are to be taken to Sysav’s facility for hazardous waste on Spillepengsgatan in Malmö, tel: 040-635 19 00 or Måsalycke Waste Facility in Sankt Olof, tel: 0414-285 70

Köp av kuponger / Buying coupons

A booklet with ten coupons can be ordered by depositing a fee to bankgiro 235-6541. For the latest prices visit www.sysav.se or call Customer Service. Name the payment order “Företagskuponger” (Business coupons) and provide the name and address where the coupons are to be sent. If the address cannot be included, e-mail it to epost@sysav.se or fax it to 040-635 18 10. The coupons will arrive within a few days.
The coupons are valid at all our recycling centres.

Återvinningscentral för företag / Recycling centre for businesses

Lorries over 3.5 tonnes are directed to a special recycling centre for businesses at Spillepeng Waste Facility in Malmö or any of our waste facilities in Ystad, Sankt Olof or Trelleborg.